For NIMS Internal Users

Confirmation Before Use

  • Please consult with us if you are a non-resident or fall under specific categories for compliance.
  • Please make sure that every facility user owns a NIMS employee (ID) number.
  • Payments are to be made with NIMS budget (including external funds).
  • The principal researcher of the subject has to be a person such as a permanent, an ICYS or a NIMS postdoctoral researcher.
  • Multiple (up to 30) people can use the facility with 1 subject application.
  • Reports of usage details are to be submitted by the principal researcher of the subject in a designated format.
  • Data are to be entered in a designated format and registered on RDE system.

About Invoicing and Payment

About Data Provision for ARIM

  • You need to register your nanofabrication process data on RDE system administrated by NIMS.
  • Data is to be entered in a designated format and registered on RDE system every time you use the instruments.
  • The data are to be disclosed within the ARIM project after a 2-year embargo period.

About the Details of ARIM

About the Usage Procedure

1. Consultation

Please send an inquiry from “Contact” on the top of this homepage; Staff will contact you for the consultation schedule.

2. Subject Application

Please acquire a subject ID via NIMS Workflow System referring to the link below.

NIMS Workflow System

3. User Registration

This shall be done on R2 system by the principal researcher of the subject and all the facility users.

R2 System

4. Subject Registration

Register the subject ID acquired via NIMS Workflow System and the other information on R2 system. (This shall be done by the principal researcher of the subject.)

5. Subject Participants Registration

Select the participants of the subject on R2 system.

6. Starting Facility Use

Please organize the schedule for your operation training with the staff.


Please contact NIMS Nanofabrication Unit for inquiries regarding this page.

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